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Company overview

AIN Engineering is a modern engineering company, dedicated to providing high quality design services for the automotive engineering industry.

AIN Engineering & Design India Pvt. Ltd. is at New Delhi, INDIA. AIN is propelled by highly skilled design engineers with a minimum of 12+ years experience in various industrial BIW segments and expertise in Europe & Japanese Standard , Technology and Development Systems. AIN has Engineering Design & Development Consultancy(EDDC) capabilities across multiple domains. AIN supports and collaborates with BIW Design and Manufacturing at various levels.

Team at AIN Engineering:
AIN has a talented human resources which is rich in experience with creative imagination. The team is seasoned in innovation and packed with enthusiasm. Their energetic and dynamic qualities make them cover various streams of CAD/CAM services. AIN possesses dynamic designers, trained to deliver quality with speed and precision. They are led by well experienced experts in the field of engineering design and development.

Mission & Vision

Mission :

To ender best in class, value added services in Design, Engineering, Manpower Deputation and Prototyping to Engineering companies and Business entities”.

We drive business management, growth and e-governance by developing and implementing customised IT solutions & products like CRM & HRMS etc.

Our passion is “Customer delight” and we shall strive to become the best Employer.

Vision :

AIN Engineering will attain leadership position by building domain specific competency centres, developing solutions, set up and use world class infrastructure, implement requisite certifications, methods & processes for our esteemed customer’s business sustenance and growth.
We aspire to be recognised as a leader in quality & values.

Business Values

Business values are at the heart of AIN Engineering because they characterize how the company is, what it believes in, what it stands for and how it works. The business values define how AIN Engineering acts and how it is expect to be treated as part of engineering service industry. The set of business values that defines AIN Engineering as a competitive enterprise are:

  • Increased focus on innovation and product development
  • Improved quality of processes
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Reduced lead time to production
  • Reduced time-to-market

Value Proposition

AIN Engineering has partnered with its clients to create sustainable growth strategies that have helped clients to improve their processes and accelerate business. The company aims at enabling clients to leverage on its competent team of industry experts, who stand to help client address their growth objectives by utilizing proven skill sets, techniques and methodologies. By integrating its capabilities, AIN Engineering has been able to provide its clients with a continuous flow of solutions for critical problems. A set of value propositions that have steered the team AIN Engineering includes:

  • Focused Offerings
  • Well Qualified & Experienced Team
  • Robust Delivery Mechanism
  • Flexible & Scalable Delivery Models
  • Competitive Price Structure
  • Integrity

Value to Customers

At AIN Engineering, we are committed to improve the quality of customer relation. Our directed efforts for leadership and competitiveness in our domain have been predominant in improving of deliverables and customer relation. We are committed to protect the trust that client’s bestow on us through the manner in which we have been conducting our business. Aspects that we focus on, to ensure that we add value to client’s business are:

  • Product Innovation:

    We maintain an appreciable record of enhancing our customer IP through joint patents. Our development capabilities with special focus on products for emerging markets have been instrumental for us to expand the global footprint of our customers. We put in all possible effort to assist clients capture the rapidly growing product demand in developing countries

  • Technology Leadership:

    Assemblage of our audio & video communication, new age digital technologies and other technological capabilities has backed us to provide most innovative applications and solutions to our customers. Clients rely on our expertise in these areas to adapt to the fast-changing technology landscape.

  • Accelerated time-to-market:

    We maintain substantial capabilities in providing system-level solutions integrating multi-disciplinary engineering streams, coupled with predictive design methodologies. We can significantly reduce the total product development lifecycle, benefiting the client in terms of time and value.

  • Global scale of skilled Engineering Workforce:

    Our world-class training programs, established & matured practices for Value Engineering, Reliability & Safety engineering support our clients to scale up with ready-to-deploy engineers across the globe

  • Cost-competitive Products:

    Our proven engineering methodology aims to take customers’ existing products through a systematic analysis of design improvements and optimized manufacturing processes for significant cost savings on overall product development

  • Design to Build:

    Our diligent engineering with precise design capabilities are complemented with extensive manufacturing eco-system. Our customers can leverage these capabilities for their benefit.

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